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Three Classic Corvette Commercials

Ah, the good ol' days...

1975-1982 Corvette

In today’s world, we find out about Corvette news, features, sales, and upgrades all through the internet.

But not too long ago in the past, the only way to get the word out was through traditional media. Newspapers shouted the launch of a new Corvette from the headlines. Magazines reviewed the cars and gave their thoughts. And through television, Chevrolet graced the living room of many families with the wonder that was the Corvette.

Today, we look back at what we feel are the best classic Corvette commercials, for any generation from C1 to C7.

1982 Corvette Commercial

1982 was the final year of the Corvette C3, and was the culmination of multiple evolutions of the car through the generation. It was one of the first years to have fuel injection as standard, and was the “real world” test model for the cross-fire injection system used in all Corvette C4’s.

As well, 1982 was the first year where the Corvette was solely produced in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The commercial highlights the new torque converting 4 speed automatic transmission, the development of OBD ECU’s, and the then revolutionary fiberglass monoleaf spring rear suspension.

1970’s Chevrolet Commercial

Basically, this commercial touched upon what made America “AMERICA!” in the 1970’s. Baseball was loved as the national sport. Hot dogs paired well with baseball. Apple pie is about as American as you can get.

And then, you came to the cars and trucks made by Chevrolet, including the Corvette.

In fact, the commercial had a convertible Corvette C3 as the first car shown, and we all know, this being and all, that the back end of a C3 at the start of its generation is American muscle in car form. Sleek, aggressive, loud, above two great big tires ready to lay down some rubber.

2011 Corvette C6 ZR1 Commercial

While a fairly recent commercial, it touches upon the mechanical and design history that America is known for. It was the US, with the help of several allies, that built the Saturn V rocket. Those rockets are still the most powerful, tallest, and heaviest rockets ever brought to fully operational status.

It makes sense, then, that Chevrolet would see the connection between the most powerful rocket, and the then new 2011 Corvette C6 ZR1, which was the most powerful Corvette ever made at the time. And it had one of the most loved taglines of any Corvette model year: “It’s nice to know, America still builds rockets.”