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This Supercharged Corvette C8 Sounds Like a Beast

The World's First, but Not the Last

procharger c8

Listen and Love it

The C8 Corvette is a fantastic car by pretty much all accounts. It’s an insanely good mid-engine sports car, and Chevrolet and General Motors went out of their way to make the car stand out from the competition out there. However, there are always ways to make a car faster, better, and more interesting. That’s exactly what the video below shows.

Say hello to the world’s first supercharged C8 Corvette. In a short teaser video put out by ProCharger superchargers, you can hear the first supercharged C8 Corvette, and, boy, does it sound impressive.

The whole video is just 53 seconds long, but it’s absolutely thrilling. You can hear the growl of the exhaust, but you can also hear the whine and whistle of the supercharger. The video ends on the ProCharger logo overlaid on an American flag with the tagline “Made in the USA.”

It’s a great video, and I think ProCharger will be able to sell plenty of superchargers to C8 Corvette owners in the future based on the sound from this video alone.