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This Golden Convertible Widebody C7 Corvette Is Impossible to Ignore

C7 Corvette Gold

Any Gold Diggers?

Gold is an eye-catching color for any car, but when you have a Corvette—a car that already stands out from the sea of boring crossovers, SUVs, and sedans—it looks downright nuts. The owner of the car you see here didn’t paint his Corvette gold. Instead, According to Carscoops, he had it wrapped in that shiny color.

Before he did that, though, he added a widebody kit and aftermarket Forgiato GTR wheels that are staggard. The wheels up front are 20 inches, and in the rear, they’re 22 inches. Those wheels have the same bright gold finish as the rest of the car.

The owner didn’t guild every little bit of the car in gold, though. The brake calipers were left red and some of the black accents, like the one on the front fender were left alone. Interestingly, even the interior of the car got some gold treatment on the seats. The rest of the interior is a fitting black.

While this particular build isn’t our cup of tea, we do have to salute the owner for getting his C7 Corvette exactly the way he wants it. Also, while the gold might not be our favorite touch, the widebody kit that’s made by TS Designs in collaboration with Forgiato looks pretty fantastic.