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This C8 Corvette ZR1 Rendering Looks Accurate

C8 corvette ZR1

This Is What You Can Expect

With the C8 Corvette’s official reveal right around the corner, you better bet that everyone is amped up and ready to go. The reveal will likely only be for one version of the C8 Corvette. That version will be the base Stingray model. However, we all know Chevrolet will come out with more powerful versions of the C8 at later dates. This will likely include a Z06 model, a ZR1 model, and perhaps a ZORA model.

While we’ll likely be waiting a little while for the higher-performance variants of the C8 Corvette to appear in the flesh, we can always imagine them. That’s exactly what the guys over at Corvette Forum have done. They thought long and hard about what a C8 Corvette ZR1 would look like and put together some renderings. The car is absolutely stunning, with more aero than the base models seen out testing, and what we hope to be a super-large V8 engine.

The accents of the car are black, and the overall shape is based on the cars from the spy shots with some obvious performance additions. One of those performance additions is the large rear fixed wing. Patrick Rall, the man who wrote the post on Corvette Forum also noted that the car would definitely have Brembo brakes and unique suspension to get the car as low to the ground as is possible.

Looking over these renderings shows that the car is absolutely stunning. It also looks highly accurate. We’re excited to see what Chevy officially reveals and hopefull that future performance models will look this good.