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There Are No More High Wing Spoilers For 2020 Corvette C8’s

Supplier issues have impacted the order books

High wing spoiler

As reported only a few moments ago on CorvetteActionCenter, GM has confirmed that the remaining 2020 Corvette C8 orders will not have a high wing spoiler as an option. This is due to the third party supplier that manufactures the wings being impacted by the global pandemic and being severely behind on production.

Even worse, the impact is retroactive. What this means is that if one has ordered a 2020 Corvette C8 with the high wing spoiler and it has not yet been built, the spoiler will be deleted from the order.

High wing spoiler

However, GM is taking some proactive steps to manage the issues. They have sent out notifications to dealerships that had orders placed with the spoiler, and the dealerships will be contacting customers directly.

Chevrolet has also implemented a couple of actions for those that have been impacted by this issue.

Firstly, along with of course removing the spoiler’s value from the total price and most likely implementing it towards the first few payments, GM will be sending customers a couple code for 25% below MSRP on all Chevy accessories purchased online. This coupon runs from 07/01/2020 through 07/31/2021 and is good up to a value of $500 below MSRP.

Secondly, once the high wing part is back in production and in supply, those customers with the high wing as part of their original orders will be contacted again. This time, they can order the part as a dealer direct purchase, and the dealer will install the wing for you.

ACS Composite High Wing Spoiler
ACS Composite’s version of the high wing spoiler option

If those two actions seem a bit far off, ACS Composite, a manufacturer of aftermarket carbon fiber parts, has a replica wing which is very close to the factory original in terms of looks.