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The Wait Time Once Corvettes Roll Off the Line Is About 5 to 6 Weeks

That's a while to wait on top of waiting already

Corvette C8

Keep the Faith

We came across a MidEngine Corvette Forum user who said his 2020 C8 Corvette rolled off the line on August 17 and he still hasn’t received it. After conversing with some other users on the forum, it became clear that many owners end up waiting 5 to 6 weeks before they take delivery of their Corvette. 

This can be especially frustrating to future owners who have already had to wait a long time for their C8 Corvette, especially as more and more owners take delivery of their cars.

Still, it makes sense. Shipping these cars around and making sure they get there safe and sound. Some users on the forum reported having to wait even after the car arrived at the dealership simply for some software updates. Again, it makes sense. Chevrolet is not going to deliver these cars if they’re not ready.

So, the advice of guys and gals who had received their C8 Corvette was simple: wait and have patience. If there are any C8 Corvette future owners out there who are struggling to wait, just know that you’re not alone and that your wait time is probably well warranted.

As all of the users we saw on the forum state, the car is well worth it. So, sit back and try to relax. Your C8 Corvette will be coming to a dealership near you soon where you can pick it up and drive it away … eventually.