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The Genovation GXE C7 Corvette Is the Fastest Electric Car

C7 Corvette Genovation CXE

Over 210 MPH, Officially

The world’s fastest electric street-legal car is once again a Corvette. The Genovation GXE C7 Corvette managed to put down an official top speed run of 210.2 mph. That’s faster than the previous record which was 209 mph even, according to Automobile.

The car beat its own record, so there’s no changing of the guard when it comes to the top honors. What makes this top speed run so special is the Genovation brought the International Mile Racing Association to the run so that it could be officially verified. 

C7 Corvette Genovation CXE

With professional driver Johnny Bohmer behind the wheel of the car, the Genovation GEX C7 Corvette took to the three-mile runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to set its record. While the 1.2 mph increase might not seem like much, the company had to make significant aerodynamic changes to the car to ensure it could make that 210 mph mark.

The car featured a new chin splitter, a shorter rear spoiler, steeper-cut diffuser vanes, stiffer suspension, and a more dramatic rake overall. The company also increased the amount of power the car can put out. However, it did not disclose that amount to the press.