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The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette’s New Logo Leaked

C8 Corvette logo
Image from

The First of What Sounds Like Several Leaks

The C8 mid-engine Corvette is on its way sometime this year. Until its official debut, the leaks, spy shots, and renderings will keep flooding in. The latest leak comes from the website called The site shows what is supposed to be the official logo for the new C8. 

The image comes from the Executive Editor of, Zane Merva. As Merva says in the post, the logo was previously seen on a 2020 C8 Corvette key fob, but the image wasn’t the best out there and the logo was quite small. Now the site has acquired an exclusive image of the logo (shown above).

The logo shared by Merva appears to match the one that was leaked on the key fob several months ago. It has the same overall design, and from what we can see, the details are the same, too. The new logo is still similar to Corvette’s previous logo. It has the Chevrolet badge on the right and the checkered flag on the left. However, the angle looks a little different. It may just be the image, though.

Of all the changes to the C8 Corvette, the logo will be the least impactful. The C8 will be the first Corvette with the mid-engine design, and while it’s nice to see the C8 will bear a familiar logo, it might be one of the few familiar things about the new car. might not be done leaking C8-related media either. At the end of Merva’s post, he said the site will release the dash cluster startup animation soon. We’ll keep an eye out for that.