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Four Unique C8 Corvette Features

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2020 C8 Corvette

For those currently pondering the purchase of a C8 Corvette, there is much to be excited about. The new eighth-generation Corvette is as sophisticated as it is powerful, and is packed with features and notable driver amenities. This level of refinement has driven demand and given rise to a sizable C8 fanbase.

Of the C8’s numerous features, some stand out above the rest for their usefulness and overall worth to consumers. The following are 4 of the most unique C8 Corvette features.

Front Lift System

Torch Red C8

Throughout its tenure, the Corvette has proven impervious to financial crises, the onset of increasingly stringent emission standards, and ever-changing consumer tastes. However, if the Corvette has ever had a true nemesis, it would have to be the speed bump. Low ground clearances and speed bumps go together like water and oil, posing problems for vehicles such as the Corvette, which feature lower than average ride heights.

Interestingly, the C8 Corvette is offered with an optional front lift system, which makes speed bump related difficulties a thing of the past. This system allows motorists to increase the front-end ride height of their Corvette as they reach a speed bump, thereby minimizing the risk of incidental contact. The coordinates of previously encountered speed bumps can also be stored for automatic lift actuation when such locations are approached in the future.

Performance Data Recorder

Blue C8 Stingray

The C8 Corvette now comes standard with a performance data recorder, which allows motorists to record their travels or laps around the track. Whether you intend to relive each moment spent surging around the track at high speeds, or simply wish to employ the use of a dashcam on a daily basis, the C8’s Data Recorder has you covered.

This system utilizes a front-facing high-definition camera, as well as a driving analysis system to capture each moment behind the wheel. Digital files are then created and stored on an SD card for further review.

Stealth Mode

Another noteworthy feature of the C8 Corvette is its new Stealth Mode. When selected, stealth mode darkens all ambient lighting within the C8’s cockpit, with the exception of the car’s speedometer and driver information cluster. This allows for greater ocular focus on the road ahead, and provides an intense driving experience like none other.

The use of stealth mode can also be quite beneficial when piloting your way down rural, or otherwise unlit, roadways under the cover of darkness. The darkened cockpit space allows for enhanced visual acuity, in situations where excess lighting runs the risk of compromising one’s night vision.


White C8 Corvette

The C8 features an enhanced version of the Z-mode function found in prior iterations of the Corvette. This function allows drivers to reach an interactive drive configuration menu on the C8’s informational interface. Motorists can select between numerous driving modes, which alter different facets of the vehicle’s performance.

This menu also allows you to customize individual settings, such as those related to engine, transmission, and steering performance. Additionally, this function provides drivers with a means of adjusting their Corvette’s suspension capabilities, when equipped with magnetorheological dampers.