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The 2020 Model Year C8 Corvette Production Might End With Only Around 2,700 Examples Made

A Small Number of 2020 Corvettes

2020 C8 Corvette Stingray
2020 C8 Corvette Stingray

The Virus Vette

The C8 Corvette is a highly sought after car and it was a long time coming, but the first year of the C8 might be a short one in terms of production. This could make the 2020 Virus Vettes very rare and potentially very valuable. Consumer Guide suggests that GM will not be able to produce many of the cars, and now the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in things.

Let’s look at the timeline. Corvette production began on February 3 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. GM churned out cars until March 20 and then was forced to shut down due to the pandemic. Bowling Green plant manager Kai Spande said that the facility was able to make around 2,700 Corvette’s so far. 

The facility will likely resume production before the year is over, but there will still be a pretty big backlog of Corvette orders, and 2020 model year Corvette’s could be hard to come by. This could drive up the price of the car, and potentially make it so that the 2020 model year becomes a collector’s item. 

It’s also worth noting that the Corvette Convertible likely will not be made on time either. According to CarScoops, the convertible version of the car will likely come sometime in 2021. We would expect it to get pushed out to late 2021, depending on when the Bowling Green facility re-opens.