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The 2020 Corvette Is Sold Out According to Executives

A Full Order Book

All That Hype Seems to Have Worked in GM’s Favor

The 2020 Corvette was one of the most highly-anticipated cars of all time. The switch from a front-engine layout to a mid-engine layout is something that people have waited decades for and now that it’s finally here, everyone wants a car. Recently, Barry Engle, president of North America for General Motors, said that the car is sold out. Is anyone surprised?

MotorTrend was one of the first outlets to share Engle’s news. He told the publication that GM had an allotment of about 40,000 in the U.S. and that “The first year is sold out for 2020.” That’s an impressive feat. Engle also said that GM has encouraged dealers to sell these cars at the sticker price and not try to mark them up or push people into options or packages they don’t want. However, Engle said that the dealers are individual businesses and GM only has so much control.

It’s exciting to see so much interest in the 2020 Corvette that it sold out. The car was a pretty big risk by Chevrolet and the company managed to dramatically change the car and still make one of the best cars out there for a relatively low price. The 2020 Corvette starts at $59,995, which is very attainable. This price has obviously played a big role in the 2020 Corvette’s sales success.