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Some New 2020 Corvette C8’s Have Paint Issues

Thankfully, so far it seems exceedingly rare

2020 Corvette C8 bumper paint run

With any new model of car, some minor defects are almost to be expected. For example, some of the interior stitching on a handful of new 2020 Corvette C8‘s have either had threads loose, or be slightly out of line with other stitching.

However, as discovered by Chevy Dude on YouTube, and discussed at length on, paint issues seem to be the next “big” defect.

When taking in his white C8 to get a ceramic spray coat applied instead of the traditional 3M film, the painter pointed out to Chevy Dude a run that was on his front bumper.

2020 Corvette C8 bumper paint run

It is a fairly thick run, and would require the entire section of the bumper to be sanded back down to fiberglass and plastic and layered back up to get rid of it. As well, on the outer edge of the bumper, there was some entrapped dirt in the paint, between the white layer and the clear coat.

Chevy Dude opted to just live with both, and had the ceramic coat applied anyways.

As well, on the discussion at, so far no one else has noticed any major paint defects like runs or dirt, so it would seem that the issue is exceedingly rare at this time. However, that’s not to say that other cars might have defects in the paint that aren’t visible at the moment.