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Seeing Yellow! Auto Tech Says Don’t Worry About C8 Check Engine Lights

Are diehard enthusiasts making too many excuses for the C8 issues?

As I’ve mentioned before, I spend a lot of time on social media, with Facebook being one of the most active for Corvette news. I don’t say this to brag, given a lot of the minutes that pass is wasting time, (look honey Bob and Sarah are having steaks on the grill!). But since so much Corvette stuff flows through my Facebook feed, I’ve convinced myself I’m working!

Now, I know it’s human nature that most people aren’t vocal unless they are complaining about something, and I acknowledge there are thousands of happy C8 owners out there who have had zero issues, but a day doesn’t go by when I don’t see at least one owner moaning about an issue with their C8.

That being said, even I was shocked when I witnessed, of all people, an auto technician glossing over all the check engine lights that are lighting up C8 interiors across the country. Then I was even more alarmed when a handful of folks joined in with agreement. Before I go on, this is a perfect time to introduce his post.

“Stuff happens… drive it… All cars have issues…”

Am I the only one who thinks Bryan is way too casual? When did our Corvette club get so many apologists?

As you’ll note below, Bryan is in the mood to debate (surprise!) and quickly doubles down and argues with Oscar.

Perhaps I’m just losing my mind because it didn’t take long for another “expert” to casually dismiss a check engine light, nothing to see here, “Don’t panic…

Maybe I’m just spoiled. I’ve logged well over 250,000 miles on Corvettes, mostly C5s, and I’ve never had a problem with a check engine light when new or nearly new, nor do I recall prolific CEL issues back in the day on the Corvette Forum (where I spent all my time before Facebook and other social media sites showed up). It’s possible this “spoiled frame of mind” has caused me to become sensitive to that nasty little yellow light.

Finally, my sanity felt like it was coming back, and most of the 100++ posts that followed had this rational sentiment.

So, not one but two shop owners bring some reason back into the discussion.

I’ll give GM credit, they created a Corvette that elicits so much passion and love that some devotees will overlook issues they would never accept with utilitarian vehicles. Like the average-looking man who has a hot trophy wife, but she’s bat-sh*t crazy. Ya, John I know she likes to throw my clothes out in the street on occasion, but have you seen her in a bikini bro?

Durward just picked up his clothes from the street, it’s possible he dodged a bullet, now off to the pool.

All kidding aside, here’s hoping your C8 tires don’t see a flatbed (yes, I collect these photos). I’ve curated a one-click source for the C8 common issues, as well as a place to check for recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). This is certainly one topic where I definitely want to hear your opinion. Are you a worrier like me when blessed with that light, or are you in the ‘nothing to see here’ camp? We have an active Facebook community, let me know what you think!  Douglas B.

Will the C8 gods be on your side?!?