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RUMOR: 2020 & 2021 Corvette C8’s Will Be Produced In Tandem

When November hits, of course

Corvette C8 production line at Bowling Green Factory

While the Bowling Green factory is working two shifts to catch up on 2020 Corvette C8 orders, those that have secured a 2021 order have been wondering when their cars will start assembly.

CorvetteActionCenter has been able, via “sources,” find out that in November, both 2020 and 2021 models will be built in tandem. It could be that the first shift does the 2020’s, the second shift the 2021’s, or it could be something where every other car is a 2021 model.

This is a quite an intelligent move if it does turn out to be true. Since there are no real differences between the two model years except for some colors and a few very minor interior updates, this will allow both the remaining 2020 orders to be completed without delaying the 2021 allocation.

Since some 2020 orders were converted to 2021 orders, this also is a bit of good news for those people, as their orders should be the first in line for the 2021 allocation.

As to when the cars will arrive in dealer showrooms for display, demo, or buy-off-the-lot, rumors are that that information will be coming sometime in October.

We can only hold our breath a little and hope for good news!