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Regular Cars Reviews The 2020 Corvette C8

I think they skipped the word "Politically Correct" in the dictionary....

RegularCars, for those unaware, is a YouTube channel that focuses on… well, car reviews. Done by regular guys. In regular language.

So when they got to drive the 2020 Corvette C8, they not only reviewed it but took several broadsides at Gm and other Corvettes as well… oh boy, did they ever.

To give an example, when talking about the interior fitment and how the leather is tucked, stitched, and formed properly, it is compared to the reviewer getting 100% on an algebra test, aka “NATIONAL NEWS!”

The next comparison is between the C7 and the C8, and it is put in probably the most American way possible.

The Corvette C7 was “just another Corvette,” albeit a very good one. It was the “you want cheese with that?” Corvette, the last hurrah of the working class.

The Corvette C8, on the other hand, is the “what do you do for work?” car. The Corvette that draws attention, and one that makes you feel like someone of actual consequence.

2020 Corvette C8 Regular Car Reviews

However, the next comment on the C8 is perhaps the most scathing, and yet most down to Earth and realistic review possible for it. The C8 is not suited to the larger bellied population, or, as they put it, “it’s unfriendly to fat.”

The reviews of the interior continue with the “HVAC HAPPY TRAIL!” While the interior controls are in a unique position, they do state that the HVAC HAPPY TRAIL! is the most intuitive and easy to use system since the invention of the three-dial climate control configuration.

2020 Corvette C8 Regular Car Reviews
This song is going to be stuck in our heads for a week, we swear…

Performance is literally skipped right over, with a score of “adequate” in a world of turbocharged 2JZ engines and LS-swapped Miatas and the like.

2020 Corvette C8 Regular Car Reviews

Instead, the impressive numbers show up for them in the fuel economy despite the 490-odd horses from 6.2-liters. The owner of the Corvette in the review states that on long highway trips, in a 6th gear cruise, he was getting 29-37 MPG, which is economy hatchback levels of good.

However, probably the best quote from the entire review narrows down the Corvette C8 to exactly what it is. “It’s the automotive equivalent of anti-aging cream.” It’s a Corvette that doesn’t care about what is or is not expected of it, because, as they say in the review, “2020 reality is subjective.”

So if you like it, great. If you don’t like it, also great. Regular Car Reviews, however, loves it.

Watch the full review for more snide commentary, jokes, and insight from a very American perspective.