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Recent C8 Corvette Sighting in Traffic

C8 Corvette sighting

A Close Up of a Camouflaged Car

The C8 Corvette sightings keep coming in. In this video, there’s a C8 Corvette caught in traffic waiting to turn left. The guys filming the video sound very excited to have seen the car, and they get some good close up shots of it. While this video doesn’t show much new information from a body standpoint, you do get a glimpse of the turn signal on the car. Although it is cloaked, this is a little bit of new info.

The video is pretty short, but the person who posted it to YouTube does a frame-by-frame rewind of the video, which is nice because you get to see the car close up and in slow motion. There is no indication in the video description of where this video was shot.

However, Corvette Blogger seems to think that this video was shot in or near Detroit. That would make sense to us. That’s where many of the other recent C8 Corvette sightings have occurred. You can check out the full video below. Be aware there is some foul language at the beginning of the video. After a few seconds, all the passengers in the car quiet down.