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Over 25 Corvette C8’s In One Place [VIDEO]

That's one nice parking lot!

Corvette C8 media release

Less than 24 hours after posting up his sighting of the Accelerate Yellow C8 Z51 yesterday, YouTube user Drive 615 has uploaded another, much longer video of his trip to Bowling Green.

A hair over 14 minutes of Corvette goodness in this video shows us what pretty much all the color options are, as well as some LT1 and LT2 packages combined with the Z51 package and a couple without.

There is also the very welcome sight at 2:16 in the video… a shipment of C8’s in delivery wrapping! With only half a month to go before the official hard launch of the Corvette C8 and customers being able to pick up their cars, this excitement is permeating through the Corvsport staff as we can’t wait to see the sales figures, the videos, the pictures, pretty much anything and everything to do with the C8 Corvette!

However… we have to temper our excitement regarding this shipment of cars, because it is more than likely some of the test fleet of cars or the first display runs of the cars being sent to dealers so they have a demo car or showroom centerpiece.

Much like anyone that has bought a C8 Corvette, we can’t wait for March to roll around. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes out for the best videos, pictures, stories, and quotables regarding the C8 in actual customers hands.