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Monster Twin-Turbo Time Attack Corvette C6 [VIDEO]

875 HP...

With muscle cars, American performance cars, and occasionally a few Australian V8’s, there’s a common saying about the performance aftermarket: “Built, not bought.”

Today, we have a video for you that takes that saying to the extreme.

Meet Faras Qartoumy. He’s a humble guy, soft-spoken, but he carries an 875 HP stick. His Corvette C6 is built from the ground up with elbow grease, a little help from his friends, and the luck of winning a time attack lap battle where the prize was a Garett turbocharger.

Having one turbo on his car already, he decided that if he won the time attack battle, he would use the turbo on his C6 to make it a twin-turbo. Guess who won?

875 HP Corvette Time Attack C6 Twin Turbo
Looks naturally aspirated….

His car is specifically built for the super modified class, which also is known as super unlimited. This class has a few rules pertaining to safety and road legality but otherwise lets you loose to have fun and be a little mental with extracting every last ounce of performance so you can get the best lap time on the day.

875 HP Corvette Time Attack C6 Twin Turbo
… until you see the side!

However, one thing that leads to a lot of people to use superchargers instead of turbochargers on Corvettes is the problem of heat. Feras, in his interview, explains the neat and frankly inventive solution he found for running two turbos.

Instead of stacking the intercooler in front of the radiator, he instead has two separate intercoolers, placed in the front of the brake cooling ducts on either side of the nose. That gives all three cooling components (2x intercoolers and 1x radiator) direct, cold air access.

875 HP Corvette Time Attack C6 Twin Turbo
Sometimes, keeping a racing dash super simple is the best way to go

It may be a 20 minute long video, but the love, passion, and humbleness of Faras, as well as the sound of this beastly C6 doing a lap, are well worth the watch!

875 HP Corvette Time Attack C6 Twin Turbo
A reminder to himself what he’s doing this for: family and fun, as this Good Luck sign was made by his son.