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Mid-Engine Corvette Sighting Shows Spoiler and Running Lights

Mid-engine Corvette
Image from YouTube

All Camoed Up and Nowhere to Go

A new video of the mid-engine C8 Corvette surfaced recently. It’s the first sighting of Chevy’s new supercar in a little while. The sighting comes to us via a video posted to YouTube that was subsequently seen on and spread like wildfire from there. 

Before you dig into the short video clip below, it’s important to note that the driver does let fly the expletives. It sounds like he’s on the phone with someone and is telling them about spotting the Corvette as it happens.

The C8 Corvette is in full camo and stops behind the truck at a stop light where the person taking video can get a good look at it. The person filming even gets out of the car for a few seconds. Then an obnoxious laugh happens and the video ends.

Because the C8 Corvette has nowhere to go, we get a decent look at it. Previous spy shots were much clearer, but this video does show what appears to be a small lip spoiler at the rear of the car. Also, the headlights look like they might have some kind of LED running light arrangement above the projector beams. As Motor1 points out, this is new info if true.

Of course, these could be additions to the camo for the car to hide the true shape of the vehicle. While this small bit of info doesn’t help too much, at least it’s nice to know that Chevy is still out there testing its mid-engine Corvette. That means we could actually see it officially debut at some point in the future. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes out for more spy shots and sightings.