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Meet The ZZz430-Powered Custom 1954 Roadster That Shouldn’t Put You To Sleep

Recently listed on BaT, did this cool custom, owned by one enthusiast for 65 years, sell, or did bidders doze off before the reserve was met?

A custom C1 that will not put you to sleep!

In today’s “what’s the next new shiny object” world, finding an enthusiast committed to the Corvette they currently have is getting harder. This is especially prevalent with the remarkable eighth-generation Corvette, as I usually can’t go a week without seeing at least one enthusiast on social media who has already flipped their C8 for the next best shiny object. No such temptations were acted on by the owner of this Custom 1954 C1, who has been devoted to his second-year Corvette since 1959! We recently showed you this 1954 Custom Roadster in our bi-weekly “Corvette Listings We Love” series, but this example was far too unique not to have its own feature.

The burning question is: Did this dedication pay off when the Ocean City, New Jersey owner finally decided to part with his beloved Corvette?


  • Acquired by the private-party seller in 1959!
  • Awarded Mid America Motorworks’ “High Mileage Club” certificate, with over 500,000 miles!
  • Featured in at least two magazines (pictures below).
  • The early 2000s build (performed by the owner!) included installing a GM Performance Parts ZZ430 350ci V8 crate engine, a Tremec five-speed manual transmission, and a C4 Corvette-sourced front and rear suspension.
  • Equipped with four-wheel disc brakes and rack-and-pinion steering.
  • The exterior was refinished in white with teal racing stripes and modified with fender flares, side scoops, a cowl induction hood, and side exit exhaust outlets.
  • The interior features C5-sourced bucket seats, Simpson harnesses, a custom-fabricated center console, a Tilton pedal assembly, and an aftermarket stereo system.
  • Deeper Dive: The full BaT listing

Let’s look closer at the heart of this Restomod, the ZZ430 Crate Engine (full photo gallery below).

All images credited to Bring a Trailer

A cool magazine feature when she was at 46 years of ownership!

The End Result

  • Listing Views: 12,224
  • Auction Watchers: 758
  • Listing Comments: 73
  • Total Bids: 15
  • Bid To: $31,750 (no-sale, did not meet seller’s reserve)
  • Full BaT Listing

As you can see, the thousands of views and hundreds of enthusiasts interested in watching the auction did not translate into a bidding frenzy.

The seller addresses criticism from the BaT community.

What caused this ZZ430-powered Hotrod to put bidders to sleep? Was the seller’s expectations and reserve just too high? I invite you to join us on Facebook, where we have lively discussions with other Corvette nuts. If you want to keep up to date with all the fresh Corvette news and maintain a pulse on the lifestyle and culture of this exciting, iconic brand, CorvSport has the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 173,000 followers (54,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

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