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Man Crashes C8 Corvette, Praises the C8 Corvette’s Safety Equipment

Keeping Driver's Safe

C8 Corvette crash

An Unfortunate Test of the C8’s Safety Systems

Nobody likes to see a Corvette of any era smashed up, but it hurts us even more to see a brand new 2020 Corvette get in an accident. However, the driver and owner of the 2020 Corvette you see in the pictures here took the accident rather well.

He praised the C8 Corvette for its safety equipment and features after colliding with a large SUV. The owner of the Bronze 2020 Corvette Stingray, Carlton Phillips, said that his only choices were hitting a pole or T-boning another vehicle. “I chose the car,” he said in a Facebook post.

In a split-second decision, he chose to hit the passenger side front wheel of the SUV. The vehicles collided and ended up facing the same way.

The impact felt as if I had casually bumped a curb in a full-size SUV, and I’ve been in a more violent impact in bumper cars at an amusement park,” Phillips said.

The airbags deployed and the Corvette’s front end was very smashed up, but Phillips said he’s happy with the way the car protected him. He called it “the most critical hidden aspect of the technology and engineering designed and buried underneath the wonderful lines of its beautiful outer skin.”

He also said the car shut itself off and turned on the emergency flashers.

“This was critical as we were in the middle of a soon to be busy and darkening intersection,” he said.

As much as it’s not fun seeing a Corvette smashed up, it’s good to know that the car is safe out there on the road and that everyone involved in this accident managed to come out without injuries.