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John Hennessey Takes His Twin Turbo C8 For A Test Drive

And it's only on low boost for now, too!

In the past couple of days, John Hennessey has been working on his twin turbo Corvette C8, running it on the dyno and doing some minor tuning.

He has now posted a video of the car out on the Hennessey development track and quarter mile.

Currently running on only 5 PSI of boost, the car is making approximately 643 wheel HP and 579 wheel lbs-ft of torque. And that’s on the stock ECU tune!

In the video, Hennessey does a variety of power tests, from standing launches to roll on power tests.

The most impressive thing throughout is that the car, on the stock tune, with a variety of warning lights from not having a stock exhaust or intake, is extremely driveable and stable.

Hennessey also responds to a classic question that many ask of the performance tuner community: How much power can the transmission handle?

Hennessey Twin Turbo Corvette C8

He responds, honestly, that no one knows. It’s a new car with an untested performance ceiling, and part of what makes his job enjoyable.

He also responded that if needed, they would replace the transmission with a more hefty unit should it be needed.

It is quite a sound to hear the twin turbos spin up alongside the roar from the exhaust in sport mode. We here at Corvsport are excited to see just how far a C8 can be pushed in terms of tuning and performance.

If it’s anything like the C7, we may see in excess of 1,000 wheel HP