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Honda NSX & Corvette C8 Drivers Switch Seats

A great point of view comparison!

Speed Phenom on Youtube, known for having a super-successful channel and being a once-in-a-while semi-pro racing driver, thought that it would be a good idea to see what other mid-engined sports cars feel like.

In this specific episode, he switched seats with Travis, the owner of a 2020 Honda/Acura NSX in black on red paint and interior. With the future of the Corvette C8 at least partially hybrid, seeing how the implementation works on a car that Chevrolet helped develop some of the hybrid systems for is a great call.

The NSX features a three-motor hybrid system paired with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The V6 pumps out a nominal 500 BHP, and the three electric motors of the hybrid add 73 BHP total. The two front motors, one for each front wheel, are where most of the extra HP comes from. The third motor is mounted to the transmission and is used to boost power during gear shifts from the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission.


As well, the NSX features aerodynamics quite similar to the Corvette C8, with side-blade air intakes, front and mid-mount radiators, and an engine cover that slopes down to a mild tail to keep the air smooth over the body. What the NSX has over the Corvette, however, are slight flying buttresses over the side-blades to shape and compress air going through them to add a venturi effect over the engine cover, adding a bit of downforce.


The Corvette, however, compared to the NSX, has way more torque or at least feels like it according to Travis. He also loves the heads up display on the window, something the NSX doesn’t have.


Interestingly, both drivers noticed that the NSX is noticeably sharper on the steering, with a more aggressive turn in. Speed Phenom even goes as much to say that the NSX seems, of the two, the more track-oriented car.


However, one thing where the NSX and the Corvette are equal, thanks to the hybrid nature of the car, is in launch control.

Included the shoutout to Travis’ instagram for being a good sport about doing the comparison!

0 to 60 in the NSX takes just 2.8 seconds, as it uses all three electric motors to get the car going while the V6 spins up its turbos, and keeps pushing all the way to the redline. This matches the all-engine V8 0 to 60 time of the Corvette. Japanese and American cars doing the exact same 0 to 60, who knew?