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Here’s the New C8 Corvette’s Rear End Before You’re Supposed to See It

C8 Corvette rear
Image from absoluthank via Instagram

A Good Looking Rear End If We Ever Saw One

The C8 Corvette’s official reveal is next week, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re finally going to see the car that Chevrolet has been working on. It’s the car that will usher in a new era for the Corvette. Before the reveal day is here, though, take a look at this image of the rear end of the C8 Corvette that leaked on Instagram.

The person who posted this image is Ryan Hartley whose handle on Instagram is absoluthank. Apparently, he owns a Dodge Viper and has his eyes set on a new C8 Corvette. He posted an image of the rear of the car without any camo or anything hiding it. You can clearly see the taillights, quad exhaust, and other various elements of the car. 

According to Car and Driver, the user who posted the image to Corvette Forum didn’t say where it was taken or who took the image, just that it was found on Facebook. Jalopnik reported that the image first appeared on Corvette Blogger, which also said the image was found on Facebook.

No matter where it comes from, it looks pretty legit to us. There was some question of the image’s authenticity, but everything looks right, and most publications out there believe it is an accurate photo of the real thing.