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Here’s a Convoy of C8 Corvettes Wearing 07.18.19 Banners Headed Towards Nashville

C8 Corvette

Out for a Stroll or a More Important Run?

The C8 Corvette sightings keep rolling in. Recently, Corvette Nut recently posted a new video of a convoy of C8 Corvettes going down the highway. Each of the cars had 07.18.19 banners on their doors. The video doesn’t show much new information, but it’s clear that Chevrolet is trying to keep the C8 in peoples minds as it winds up for its big reveal in July.

This isn’t the first time Corvette Nut has revealed interesting videos or photos about the C8 Corvette. There were actually three different videos that recently went up on the YouTube channel. These videos all showed different views of the cars. Some of the videos are more clear than others, but they all appear to be taken at about the same time. 

Corvette Blogger recently noted, that there were images from some users on Instagram that showed similar results. It was mentioned that the photos were taken in Bowling Green, KY. According to one of the Instagram posts, the cars were headed towards Nashville. It’s unclear if that was their destination or if they just happened to be on the highway leading towards Nashville. 

Regardless of the intention of the convoy, it’s worked to get GM a little more publicity for the upcoming car, which is likely what the company was shooting for.

It’s a safe bet that any time the cars are spotted out on the street they will get some press, so GM is smart to put them out there. We’re just ready for the official reveal of the car already. Until then, we’ll keep you posted about any future information.