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GM Donates Mid-Engine C8 Protoype To The NCM


National Corvette Museum Takes Delivery Of Mid-Engine C8 Prototype

Last week, Corvette enthusiasts from across the country gathered in Bowling Green for a four-day celebration at the National Corvette Museum.  Caravans of Corvettes gathered at the Museum in commemoration of the NCM’s 25th Anniversary.  Chevrolet participated in the gala event by “gifting” a mid-engine C8 Corvette prototype to the Museum just days before the celebration got underway.

Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype
A Mid-Engine Corvette prototype was donated to the NCM by Chevrolet. The car, which served a test mule during development of the mid-engine powertrain, is now on permanent display at the Museum.

The donated mid-engine Corvette is not a production-ready example.  It is a prototype that was built in 2018 as part of the powertrain development program.  The car was used primarily at the Milford Proving Grounds and played a pivotal role in the development of the mid-engine drivetrain.  Upon inspection, visitors to the Museum will observe that both the 6.2-liter V8 engine and the car’s rear-axle transmission have been fitted with unique test equipment designed to record data while the car was tested on the track.  The car also featured a unique exhaust system that was far more “function” than “fashion.”

The exterior of the car also varies from the final production units.  For one, the car utilized a number of exterior components which vary (in different degrees) than those used on the final production model.  The car is a two-tone test mule that was finished in a pseudo-flat black with white bumpers and skirts.

This mid-engine test-mule Corvette was specifically design to advance the powertrain. You can observe some of the harnesses/test equipment that used during engine/powertrain development.

The National Corvette Museum has played a major role in the promotion of the next-generation Corvette.  The NCM has displayed a number of official sketches of the car long before its reveal to the world.  They’ve shared all the latest updates on the car, and they’ve helped dispel some rumors about the brand while taking time to validate others.  At the Corvette Bash this past April, a Mid-Engine Corvette (test mule) pulled thru the parking lot just long enough to entice the spectators with a quick drive-by.  At the Corvette Caravan and 25th Anniversary Celebration this past week, GM peppered the parkings lots with production examples of the mid-engine Corvette.  More than a half-dozen were on-hand for spectators to discover and enjoy.

One of several mid-engine Corvettes that made an appearance at the NCM's 25th Anniversary celebration.
One of several mid-engine Corvettes that made an appearance at the NCM’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Kirk Bennion, the Executive Design Manager for the new Mid-Engine platform, performed an official production of the car, revealing that “when the C7 Corvette was first introduced to the world in Januty, 2013, there was already a mock-up of a full-sized C8 Corvette that was being evaluated by the team at GM’s studio.”

One of the engineering C8 prototype clay models created by GM during the development of the car's aerodynamic design/configuration.
One of the engineering clay models created by GM during the development of the car’s aerodynamic design/configuration.

A quarter-scale clay model of the mid-engine Corvette will also be on display at the Museum along with this new C8 Corvette prototype.