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For Sale: 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

VIN 006

1996 Corvette C4 Grand Sport

A C4 Worth Having

In its last year of production, the Chevrolet C4 Corvette was offered as a special Grand Sport Corvette. This was to send off the C4 Corvette in style. The car came with a notable bump of 30 hp and other upgrades over the base C4. It’s a fantastic car, and right now there’s one with the VIN 006 for sale at MDY Motorcars

Only 1,000 Grand Sports were made, so that makes this car a special one. All of these cars featured a special paint job that is Admiral Blue with a white stripe and red hash mark. Only 190 of these cars were made as convertibles, number 006 was one of them. Making this car even more special is the fact that it has a unique Torch Red Interior. Only 53 of these cars got this interior treatment. 

This particular car is a three owner car, and it is in excellent condition. It has only 46,427 miles on the odometer. The price is currently set at $46,500, which honestly sounds pretty reasonable to us for something that is this rare and unique. It’s a lot for a C4 Corvette, which are typically the most affordable, but this is one special C4.