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Does The Z07 Package For The C8 Z06 Make It Go Faster Around The Track?

Chevrolet designed the Corvette Z06 with an exclusive emphasis on speed, and they introduced the Z07 package to further enhance the car’s lap times on an racetrack. The package concentrates on three key elements: aerodynamics, tires, and brakes.

The Z07 package was crafted to convert the Z06 into a dominant force on the track. Opting for this package not only results in a more enjoyable and drivable sports car but also fosters a strong connection between the driver and the vehicle.

In a video from the MotorTrend YouTube Channel, Jonny Lieberman tests a 2023 Corvette Z06 equipped with the Z07 track package around Radford Racing School’s track, to find out if this performance package can really transform the Z06 into a track-dominating machine.