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Corvette Gets Mistaken For Ferrari, And No It’s Not a C8!

Meet the wild and wicked ZR6X... Wait, the what?

2008 Corvette ZR6X/Photo Credit:

I thought I had seen every unique and special Corvette out there, but despite nearly three decades as an enthusiast this ZR6X lineage of custom Corvettes somehow slipped totally under my radar. Remarkably, this is a virgin Corvette for CorvSport as well, as this is our first feature on these unique Corvettes from Supervettes, out of Hollywood, FL.

I just recently discovered the ZR6X on a brief discussion over at the Corvette Forum, where new member Libertywalkluka was soliciting ideas and opinions on value. Naturally, as often happens with the purists, many enthusiasts commented on the rear end, and lack of taste with the body modifications. Some of the remarks aren’t too kind, but I think it looks pretty darn cool. What about you?

Here are the details on this custom twin-turbo beast, directly from Supervettes in 2013, when it was up for sale at $80,000 ($104,978 in today’s money!).

This is an interesting series of comments and illustrates the controversy back in 2013 when the C7 was revealed with Camaro-like taillights. These two enthusiasts would prefer a Ferrari-like rear end with round taillights versus what the designers cobbled together for the C7.

I will say that for that kind of money, the interior does look pretty basic, but understandably Supervette had to work with the outdated C6 interior.

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Editor’s Note: CorvSport has no affiliation with Supervettes (or the other entities listed), nor were we compensated for covering these Corvettes.

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