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Corvette C8 Z06 Wheels Potentially Leaked

Discovered on eBay, of all places!

Corvette C8 carbon flash kit

CarBuzz recently reported on an interesting listing that was found on eBay, specifically about official OEM carbon fiber wheels for a Corvette C8.

As it currently stands, no such option exists on the Chevrolet car configuration tool for the C8. They were listed as “2020 Corvette C8 Carbon Revolution [20/21-inch] Factory Original OEM Wheels Rims Set.”

Z06 carbon fiber wheels, possibly

The important part of that listing name was the Carbon Revolution name. Carbon Revolution is a manufacturer based out of Australia that handles OEM carbon fiber wheel construction and logistics for some pretty big names.

The carbon fiber wheels for the 2016 Ford GT? They made them. Carbon fiber wheels for the Ferrari 812 Superfast? You guessed it, Carbon Revolution makes them too.

The listing went further on to state that the wheels were “OEM test/validation wheels… with minimal handling marks/blemishes.” They were listed at, and sold for, $4,500 US.

Z06 carbon fiber wheels, possibly

Of particular note, the wheels did have official GM stamped labels on the outer rims. They also have a number on them in the lower right of the label that seems to match up with GM part codes.

Z06 carbon fiber wheels, labels

Z06 carbon fiber wheels, labels

The only question remains is how the seller, certifiedfactorywheelinc, came to be in possession of the wheels. Were they ripped from a test car? Lifted from a warehouse in Australia or the US? Sold from someone inside the design department? It’s a mystery to us, but it does give a potential look at what wheel options might be coming for the Z06.