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Corvette Assembly Plant Is Working Overtime

Ahead of the July 4th Break

Corvette C8

Putting the Time in

Corvette C8 production is a hot topic these days due to the way COVID-19 has messed up the timeline. The delays and disruptions that came with the pandemic have Chevrolet working hard to get as many C8 Corvettes out to customers who have ordered them. For the July 4th celebration the plant will shut down, and because of this workers are currently putting in overtime at the assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

The plant will shut down June 29-July 3rd the days leading up to July 4th, according to Corvette Blogger. It will re-open on July 6th so that workers can come back refreshed and ready to go. When the doors reopen, the second shift will also start. So far the plant has rolled 4,150 cars off the end of the assembly line. With the second shift starting up that number should go up considerably.

So far, COVID-19 hasn’t messed up production again since it did so the first time. We’re unsure of what measures the facility is taking place to keep its workers safe, but whatever it’s doing appears to be working. If this keeps up, the facility should be able to really move the needle on production numbers.