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Chevrolet Will Pull the C7 Corvette In Europe Due to Emissions

Chevrolet Final Edition C7 Corvette
Image from Chevrolet

It Was On Its Way Out

The C7 Corvette’s days were already numbered due to the imminent arrival of the C8 Corvette on the scene. However, its demise has been accelerated in Europe due to the new emissions testing required under new regulations. According to Motoring Research, every car sold after August 31, 2019, must undergo a special emissions testing. Chevrolet did not want to have the C7 certified, so it will be pulling the car. 

What that means is that if there are any Europeans who would like a new C7 Corvette, especially the Final Edition Corvette Grand Sport or Z06 that Chevy made specifically for that market, they’d better act fast. The remaining C7 Corvette’s days are dwindling quickly. After August you won’t be able to get one. 

With all that said, the C8 Corvette will undergo certification from an emissions testing standpoint. It’s unclear when Chevrolet will do that testing or when it will bring the car to market in Europe. We would expect it to arrive in 2020 sometime after it’s available in the U.S.

The Corvette wasn’t the only car that Chevy failed to certify. Reports indicate that the Camaro will not be certified either. This is despite an update for 2020. According to Motoring Research, Chevy decided to not certify after sales proved poor. Well, Europeans will just have to buy the C8 Corvette then if they want a performance Chevy and miss the deadline for the C7 Corvette.