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Chevrolet Confirms 2020 Corvette C8’s Now Shipping To Dealerships

They're almost here!

As reported on CorvetteBlogger, Chevrolet, after keeping mum for a week about it, has finally confirmed that customer Corvette C8’s are shipping from Bowling Green, Kentucky!

2020 Corvette C8's shipping

Why they kept quiet about it is because the previous shipments that were destined for dealerships late last week and earlier this week were the VIP cars, such as VIN 001 and high profile customers such as dealership owners and celebrities.

The Corvettes will be delivered exclusively by Jack Cooper Automotive Transports, and each car transporter holds 10 Corvettes. The East Coast will get their cars first, due to the distance being shorter from Kentucky.

The West Coast has to wait for the cars to first travel by rail to a Chevrolet depot before being loaded onto the transporters, but they are still moving out in that direction.

Corvette C8

Because of the value of the cars, no night drops are allowed, so the Corvettes will arrive during business hours and be inspected by each dealership’s service manager before being moved into Post Delivery Inspection.

While the car is undergoing PDI and any point-of-sale option installations, the customer will be contacted by their salesperson and have a pickup date confirmed.

While we know many that have ordered a C8 are excited, with over 1,800 C8’s now known as being produced, with more on the way, delivery will take time. It is expected, however, that all first run buyers will have their cars by the end of March.

Thanks to a post on, the actual PDI list has been leaked and you can view it below:

Corvette C8 PDI