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Check Out This C8 with Signature Wheels in Rose Gold

Bling Bling

C8 Corvette

Thoughts? Yay or Nay?

Rose gold is a popular color right now for jewelry and other items, but you don’t see much of it on cars. Well, there’s at least one Corvette C8 owner that wanted to change that. 

Recently, Corvette Blogger shared Khoa Nguyen’s Instagram post of a C8 Corvette painted white with rose gold wheels. The wheels are Signature Wheels’ SV107. They’re a forged monoblock wheel that’s offered in a variety of sizes. The Corvette you see here is rolling on 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels. The company offers 16 different “transparent” colors as well as 12 “solid” colors. 

The rose gold wheels you see here are technically called Brushed Gold, according to the color chart. They don’t come cheap either the 20-inch wheels are priced at $5,000 and the 21-inch wheels cost $5,500. That’s quite the expensive upgrade from the Corvette’s stock wheels.

We guess if you’re into some eye-popping bling and want to make your C8 really stand out, then this is one way to go. However, we’d still rather go with some silver wheels or black wheels over the rose gold. It looks like a fad that could quickly fad, and the C8 will be cool forever.