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Canadian Man Has His Sight Restored, Buys A Corvette

After being legally blind for 44 years...

Blind man can see Corvette

Well, if this isn’t a perfect feel-good story in the middle of the global pandemic, I don’t know what is.

A Canadian named Mike Shickerowski is finally living the dream after 44 years of being legally blind, and local Canadian news featured both the man and his car in a recent news story.

Born with a disorder called nystagmus, for his entire life, he’s literally seen the world only as a blur. His eyes would not remain stable, and his brain was unable to filter through the constant movement to actually see a stable image, and he had absolutely no depth perception.

However, in 2018, he underwent an experimental surgery in California to stabilize his eyes. It was an amazing success, and through training and literally living life, his brain has retrained itself so he can now see.

Blind man can see Corvette

Of course, he has done the things you would expect: he has taken his son fishing, went to buy ice cream with his daughter, gone to the mountains, and marveled at the great forests and views in his home province of Alberta.

However, he has splurged a bit, completely understandably as well, and bought himself a bright yellow Corvette C7 Grand Sport. He was so confident in passing his driving exam and getting his driver’s license that he bought it even before he had taken the test!

And, of course, he passed it with flying colors.

Blind man can see Corvette

So now, after being able to see stably and in three dimensions for a good two years, he now has a badass car to take his son to the lake with, and who wouldn’t want to rock up to the ice cream stand with their daughter in a Corvette?