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Bowling Green Assembly Plant Starts Up Second Shift

More Corvettes per day! More workers back on the job, but still following hygiene and distancing precautions!

Bowling Green Factory

In great news as reported by CorvetteBlogger, the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette assembly plant is officially going to two shifts instead of just one for 2020 Corvette C8 production.

This is great news for the 400+ hourly workers that were hired in mid-2019 and completed their training early in 2020 in preparation for building the C8.

Then, unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and the work stoppage brought on a period of extended temporary layoffs. When the assembly line started back up in May, it was for limited production and with extreme hygiene measures put in place.

As the workers acclimatized to the hygiene measures, the production line sped up. Now, it has been revealed that the second shift have been working alongside the first shift over the past few weeks, to get back into the flow of things and get their muscle memory back.

2020 Corvette C8 Production

As of today, August 31, there are now two shifts working at Bowling Green. This is great news for both shifts, as the first shift had started working overtime to produce up to 116 C8’s per shift, instead of the “standard” 95.

With the second shift working again, the shift load can return to the 95 Corvettes per shift, for a total of 190 per day.

For those with 2020 C8 orders, this means that it is much more likely you’ll get your ‘Vette this calendar year, even though the model year has already been pushed to November. If it comes down to it, the model year can be pushed to December, but that seems unlikely.