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Bob Bondurant

Bob Bondurant at the wheel of the Washburn Corvette during the 1961 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside Raceway. Photo: Bondurant Collection

Bob Bondurant’s racing career has had many diverse facets including stints in small-bore production cars, big bangers such as the Corvette and Cobra, Formula One and finally Can-Am where his active career as a driver came to a nearly tragic end at Watkins Glen. However, in typical Bondurant fashion, he took a career-ending negative and turned it into a positive by focusing his formidable talents and energies into starting his own racing school, which has grown over the past 36 years into one of the largest in America. Recently, Casey Annis sat down with Bondurant to learn more about his fascinating career.

I understand your career really started with speedway motorcycles.

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