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The Best C7 Corvette Exhausts

Blue C7 Corvette

From the earliest days of the C7 Corvette’s development, GM made it clear that they intended to turn out a performance vehicle that was unequivocally groundbreaking in every regard. While this kept Corvette enthusiasts the world over on the edge of their seats, few could have imagined how truly significant the new Stingray would be.

Upon its release for the 2014 model year, the C7 Corvette treated consumers to a performance-minded driving experience like none other. While the Stingray was magnificent on every front, its powertrain quickly became a point of conversation. The direct-injected, 6.2L LT1 produced 455 HP, as well as 455 lb-ft. of torque, while accelerating from 0-60 MPH in just under 4-seconds. To say that the C7 exceeded all expectations would likely be a gross understatement for the ages.

Although quite remarkable in its stock form, many C7 owners choose to customize their seventh-gen Corvettes, in a bid to bolster performance and build upon the car’s already apparent appeal. One of the most common of these upgrades is that of installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Doing so has the potential to create notable gains in both horsepower and torque, while also adding a little audible attitude.

The following are seven of the most highly sought after aftermarket exhausts for the C7 Corvette Stingray.

Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust

The Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust System is specifically designed for consumers who wish to provide their C7 with a rich and moderately aggressive exhaust note, without negatively impacting the driving experience itself. The output from this system is mellow to the point of being able to listen to your stereo with ease, yet robust enough to, “let others know you mean business.”

This Flowmaster system is compatible with NPP equipped exhausts and features 3” inside diameter, mandrel-bent tubing, as well as 4” quad-tips. This kit can also be installed with relative ease and comes with all hardware required for mounting. The Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust System is offered at a retail price of $2,101.95.

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Billy Boat Bullet-PRT Axle-Back Exhaust System

Billy Boat Bullet-PRT Axle-Back Exhaust

If you are looking for an exhaust that produces an unmistakably aggressive tone, much like that of muscle cars of the foregone era, then you will likely find favor in Billy Boat’s C7 Corvette Bullet-PRT Axle-Back Exhaust System. This single-mode exhaust system is designed for Corvettes without NPP and is composed of mandrel bent T-304 stainless steel.

Billy Boat specifies that the Bullet-PRT Exhaust System is capable of producing performance gains of up to 18 RWHP, and 17 ft-lb.of torque. This kit retails for $1,692.70, making it one of the more affordable C7 exhaust systems on the market today.

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Borla Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK

Borla Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK

The Borla Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK is designed for use with non-NPP equipped Stingrays and produces the same rich tonal characteristics, for which the company’s previous offerings have become so well known. This system is constructed from T-304 stainless steel and features ultra-smooth mandrel-made bends for aesthetic appeal.

While Borla does not specify the exact extent of any performance gains that can be expected with the installation of this kit, they do state that this system has the potential to unleash hidden horsepower as a byproduct of increased exhaust velocity. The Borla Axle-Back ATAK Exhaust retails for $2,007.99.

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Corsa Xtreme Sport Sound Level 2.75 IN Valve-Back Quad 4.5 IN Tips + X Pipe

Corsa Xtreme Sport Sound Level Exhaust

If you are tired of the persistent droning often associated with many aftermarket exhaust systems, then the Corsa Xtreme Sport Sound Level Exhaust System is the perfect upgrade to put your mind at ease. This exhaust system utilizes Corsa’s patented No-Drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology to provide aggressive tonal characteristics under acceleration, and a drone-free experience when cruising.

The Corsa Xtreme Sport Exhaust System is designed for compatibility with both NPP and non-NPP Stingrays and renders a 16.9 percent increase in exhaust flow over the C7’s stock exhaust. At a retail price of $1,884.99, it is hard to go wrong with this kit by Corsa Performance.

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MagnaFlow Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust

For those who are looking to add a little vibrance to their C7’s exhaust tone, yet still wish to be somewhat conservative in doing so, the MagnaFlow Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System will serve as a happy medium. This system produces a moderate level of exterior sound output while remaining mild in effect when seated behind the steering wheel. Even in its reserved form, this kit still possesses MagnaFlow’s rich signature sound.

The MagnaFlow Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System can be installed with relative ease and includes all necessary hardware for doing so. Additionally, this kit carries a limited lifetime warranty against any form of a structural defect, which allows consumers to purchase in confidence. The MagnaFlow Street Series System retails for $3,010.00.

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aFe Power MACH Force-XP 3″-2 1/2″ Axle-Back Exhaust System

aFe Power MACH Force-XP Axle-Back Exhaust

While many of the exhausts on our list are tailored toward standard C7 Stingrays, the aFe Power MACH Force-XP Axle-Back Exhaust System is specifically designed for Z06 models. This exhaust system is intended for use with your Z06’s stock NPP exhaust valve motors. Testing has also shown the MACH Force XP system to provide an increase of up to 7 HP and 10 ft.-lb. of torque.

This system also features a specialized equalizer balance tube, that promotes efficient flow, while also keeping exhaust drone to a bare minimum. The aFe Power MACH Force-XP Exhaust System is priced moderately, retailing for $3,103.00.

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Akrapovic Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust

Akrapovic Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust

The Akrapovic Titanium Axle-Back exhaust system is an ideal choice for those who wish to lighten their C7’s load. Due to this system’s titanium composition, it is substantially lighter in weight than the bulk of C7 aftermarket exhaust offerings and is largely impervious to rust and corrosion at the hands of the elements.

Akrapovic’s Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust utilizes its own NPP system, serving as a direct substitution for GM’s stock NPP arrangement. Five individual exhaust modes can be chosen by drivers, including Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track. These settings can be controlled through the C7’s drive mode selector. The Akrapovic Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust retails for $5,025.50.

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