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An Eclectic Mix Of Old And New Corvettes From Daytona’s Iconic 50th Turkey Run

Some may surprise you with their outlandish modifications, while others will impress because of their pure unadulterated beauty

A tastefully customized C1/Photo Credit: Gary Rosier

Also known in some circles as the Turkey Rod Run, this iconic event was birthed by Stu Sarjeant in 1974, after his 1923 Ford T-Bucket was denied entry into the Jaycee-sponsored 1973 Ormond Beach Gaslight Parade. The parade was something Stu and his five-year-old son Jim had looked forward to, but oddly the Jaycees did not permit Hot Rods in their show. As the story goes, Jim started crying and asked his dad if they could have their “own parade” next Thanksgiving. Now, thanks to an ambitious and tenacious father and son combo, enthusiasts around Florida, (and the country for that matter), can enjoy one of the most popular car shows in the world, attracting thousands of unique vehicles from around the world.

At this year’s event, the Ponce Inlet Corvette Club held its annual “Vettes at One Daytona” show, and the full-capacity event yielded some of the most eclectic and interesting Corvettes from this year’s Turkey Run. CorvSport has sifted through the hundreds of Corvettes to bring you our most interesting top 10.


This C8 dialed up the wild with suicide doors and some cool artwork on the frunk cover

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier


A pure numbers matching 327/300 HP 1966 Roadster with a 4-speed manual transmission

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier


This customized C7 Grand Sport is proving that suicide doors are alive and well in the Corvette Culture

Photo Credit: Barbara Cumberland
Photo Credit: Gary Rosier


This gorgeous second-generation Coupe perfectly blends custom and unadulterated

Photo Credit: Barbara Cumberland


In the middle between old and new, this clean Electron Blue Z06 adds some flair with chromed OEM wheels

Photo Credit: Barbara Cumberland


This highly customized C7 adds steroids to nearly every factory design element

Photo Credit: Barbara Cumberland


An undeniable classic, this 1970 Stingray looks nearly new inside and out

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier


This C8 owner didn’t monkey around with modifications, proving that stuffed animals are still a thing at car shows

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier


This classic two-tone C1 has just enough custom touches to jump out at you

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier


This stunning 1958 “Fuelie” earns the top spot due to the sheer beauty and simplicity of its unadulterated presentation

Photo Credits: Gary Rosier

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Photo Credits: Barbara Cumberland and Reed Miller