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A Right-Hand Drive C8 Corvette Will Arrive in Europe in 2021

There Will Even be a Special Launch Edition

The steering wheel of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette.
The steering wheel of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette.

Move That Steering Wheel Over

There were reports that Chevrolet would not make a right-hand drive version of the C8 due to issues with production, but that seems to have been now put to rest. According to a report by Autocar, the C8 will come to the UK in 2021 as a right-hand drive model. 

The car won’t arrive until the second half of 2021, but it is coming and in both coupe and convertible versions. The starting price will be £81,700 and £87,110 respectively. Every single Corvette Stingray sold in Europe will have the Z51 performance package and the 2LT trim level as standard equipment. This lack of variation will make it easier for Chevrolet to produce the cars in higher volume because the vast majority of them will be the same.

Autocar also reports that the very first C8 Corvettes that come to Europe will be Launch Edition cars, which will get magnetic ride control and bespoke design details that set them apart from the standard Stingrays. This is a smart move by Chevrolet, and it will help the Corvette take on vehicles from Porsche and Ferrari. It will be cool to see the reaction from owners and media once the cars land in Europe.