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A Hybrid C8 Corvette Is Likely Coming With Almost 1000 HP

Get Ready to be Shocked By the Ultimate C8 Corvette

Sorry for the pun, but we had to do it. Yes, according to reports and rumors, Chevy has a hybrid C8 Corvette in the works. According to Car and Driver, this is the car that will take on the Nurburgring. The publication also said that the C8’s frunk is what will house the electric motor. The battery for this hybrid car will be housed low and likely in the central spine of the car.

With this type of setup, it’s a safe bet the electric motor will supply power to the front wheels of the car while the V8 engine that’s mid-mounted will power the rear. Oh, and that V8 engine in the hybrid will be a 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 and likely be fitted with a couple of turbochargers. All-told the model will probably make somewhere around 1,000 hp. 

There aren’t many actually numbers, and practically nothing has been confirmed by Chevy at this point. It’s a lot of rumors and speculation, but there are various unnamed sources and respected publications out there all saying more or less the same thing. The hybrid Vette is coming, people, and it’ll be the sharp end of the C8 stick. 

It’s actually not all just speculation. The guys at the YouTube channel TLFnow managed to snag a video of what looks like a C8 Corvette hybrid out with its camo wrap on. you can tell it is the hybrid because the video seems to show some orange cables sticking out and into the open. You can view the video below.