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A 2020 Corvette and Mazda Miata Collided on Tail of the Dragon

A Sad Fate

2020 Corvette totaled

Trouble on the Tail

The Tail of the Dragon is one of those driving roads that you simply have to drive at some point in your life. The road is an enthusiast hotspot in the Eastern U.S. The road has 318 curves over the course of 11 miles of two-lane road. It winds through the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee.

Accidents do happen, and recently a 2020 Corvette connected with a Mazda Miata. A post on Corvette Forum goes into details:

“Regularly there are threads here on the Forum about driving “The Dragon” here in the Knoxville area. While it can be invigorating, it unfortunately can also be dangerous, even if you are being careful. The photos below depict an accident recently on the Dragon when a C8 was struck by an older Miata whose driver allegedly failed to control his vehicle in the turns. Be careful out there!”

Other forum users and a Facebook post by Lucas Moebes, according to Corvette Blogger, point the blame for the accident at the driver in the Miata. The Miata is said to have entered into a curve too fast and understeered into the C8 Corvette. Apparently, both cars are totaled.