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2020 C8 Corvette Wheels Stolen in Detroit, Car Left on Street

Don't Street Park the C8 in the Motor City


The Car Is Popular

The C8 Corvette is loved by a lot of people already. Perhaps too much. In Detroit’s West Village a C8 Corvette was street parked and thieves stole the wheels right off the car, leaving it on blocks. Pictures show that the car had blocks positioned under the middle of the car and the car sitting right on its tail with the front end up in the air.

MotorTrend was one of the first outlets to post about the theft. There isn’t much known about the theft, but the publication reports that the thieves only stole the wheels. The lug nuts and the rest of the car were left on the side of the road. The publication also says it’s unclear who owns the car. It would make sense that GM still owns it, but the car has a non-manufacturer license plate on it from Michigan.

It’s likely part of a test fleet. Production is still ramping up, and typical customers have not yet received their cars. That is supposed to happen at the end of February.

What’s funny to us is that it will be kind of hard for the thieves to off-load the wheels. The cars aren’t on sale yet. We suppose the wheels could be used on a different car, but the thieves may find it hard to get the money they believe these wheels are worth out of them. However, if they hold on to them and sell them later, they could get a pretty good dollar amount for them.