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2019 AMP Corvette ZR1 Runs an 8.57 Quarter Mile!

The AMP Corvette ZR1

A Corvette ZR1 Built By Advanced Modern Performance Runs a Boost-Only 8.57 Quarter-mile

This “Track Missle” Corvette Sets the Bar Very High With a Trap-Speed of 160 MPH!

Since Chevrolet unlocked the ability to tune the all-new LT5 V8 engine earlier this year, a number of individuals and companies have begun unlocking the true potential of the 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1.

The 2019 AMP ZR5 Corvette!
The 2019 AMP ZR5 Corvette!

Advanced Modern Performance (AMP) has emerged as one of the front-runners in the area of modifying the seventh-generation ZR1.   Headquartered just south of Dallas Ft. Worth Airport in Grand Prairie, Texas, AMP specializes in late-model performance upgrades for domestic cars and trucks, including the Corvette, Cadillac and Camaro, along with other exotic or specialty race cars.  AMP’s ZR1 Corvettes have already proven themselves at the dragstrip.  They’ve put up some truly remarkable track numbers, including setting the current quarter-mile record for the new LT5-powered Corvette.  Their car managed to run a quarter-mile in just 8.57 seconds with a trap speed of 160.25 miles per hour!

The powerplant behind the AMP Corvette ZR1 is an amazing piece of engineering wizardry!

Admittedly, the car features a long list of high-performance upgrades, but there are still a number of stock components on the car.  The car’s engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons are all stock, as is the automatic transmission, the torque converter, the rear differential and the axles.  The car does feature a number of performance upgrades, which include:

  • Ported-and-Built LT5 Cylinder Heads
  • Kooks Headers
  • a Custom Crankshaft
  • an Innovators West 9-Percent Lower Pulley
  • a Griptec 2.7-Inch Upper Pulley
  • a Ported LT5 Supercharger
  • ID1050X Fuel Injectors
  • a Methanol Injection System
  • an E85 Engine Tune…

…along with a number of other components that are needed to complete this type of engine build.  For anyone that’s interested in knowing more, you can get a complete list of hardware used by clicking here.

The important takeaway here is that the drive line rear of the engine is stock, as is the short block itself.  This Corvette was set up to run boost-only, meaning no nitrous oxide was used to produce the mid-8 second run.   The only other modification that was made to help achieve the mid-8-second run was the introduction of huge drag radials to the back of the ZR1 Corvette

Setting the Record

If you watched the video at the top of this page already, then you’ve seen the AMP C7 Corvette ZR1 make its historic run as it completed a series of passes down the quarter-mile drag strip at the Texas Motorplex.

The AMP Corvette ZR1 preparing to make its record-setting pass.

During the car’s first run, the LT5-powered AMP ZR5 (as they officially call it on their website) laid down an 8.72-second quarter mile with a speed of 160.1 miles per hour and a short time of 1.341-seconds.  While these numbers are remarkable by themselves, the ZR1’s second run was a good deal faster, achieving a short-run of just 1.267 seconds and a quarter-mile run of 8.572 seconds at 160.62 miles per hour!  The second run of the day would prove to be the fastest, although the Corvette completed its third-and-final run for the day with a quarter mile time of 8.577 seconds at 160.25 miles per hour, proving that the run was no fluke, but rather a true measurement of the car’s incredible performance capabilities.

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