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2020 Corvette Production Volumes

2020 Corvette Production Volumes

Production of the 2020 Corvette came to a close. Though production of the 2020 Corvette is expected to continue through early December, now that all customer orders have been finalized, Chevrolet has released the official production statistics of the 2020 Corvette MY via the National Corvette Museum website.

Coupe was the most popular of the two models available with 82.4% of the 20,368 total 2020s produced. As for color line up, Torch Red was the most popular for 2020.

Overall Production Statistics

For the 2020 model year, Chevrolet manufactured a total of 20,368 Corvettes. A decently strong year given everything going on the in the world.

2020 Corvette Production by Exterior Colors

One of the other key production differentiator that often defines the rarity (and by association, the collectibility) of a production Corvette is its factory paint color.  In 2020, there were a total of twelve different paint colors offered.  While some of the more “traditional” colors (red, black and white) were the most commonly selected colors, some of the other top contenders for 2020 were a bit less traditional.

2020 Corvette Production by RPO Code

Download the Corvette sales numbers here to see a full breakout by RPO codes.

2020 MY Corvette_FINAL Year End Sales Breakdown