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The Best Cold-Air Intakes for 2014 - 2019 C7 Corvettes

These are the top cold-air intakes for 2014-2019 Corvettes. The installation of a cold air intake is among the best possible ways to begin modifying your C7, as well as a productive means of unlocking an additional 12 - 52 horsepower.


Priced under $500

2019 corvette zr1 engine bay


Priced $500 - $650

2018 Chevrolet Corvette (C7) Grand Sport


Priced $650+.

2015 corvette z06

Key Specs & Features

Precision Injection and Rotational Molded construction for unprecedented quality

No tuning required

No cutting or drilling on your car

1.2-4 % more power from cold air


2014 - 19 C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport

holly iNtech C7 intake

Key Specs & Features

One-piece fully sealed intake housing design

Washable and reusable high-flow 4-layer dry performance air filter

Increase of up to 21 horsepower

Utilizes factory mounting location


2014-2019 Chevy Corvette C7 LT1 V8-6.2L

afe momentum c7 intake

Key Specs & Features

Washable and reusable Pro 5R air filter

One-Piece Housing with clear window for filter Inspection

Premium T-bolt clamps and a reinforced coupling for a secure seal

Gains up to +46 HP


2015 - 19 Corvette Z06 V8 6.2L

Key Specs & Features

Guarantee power gain up to 12.5 horsepower

Free-flowing polyethylene intake tube

Replaces entire factory air intake system

K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty


2014 - 19 C7 Corvette

Key Specs & Features

Performance gains up to 52 HP

No tuning necessary

High flow intake tube


2015 - 19 C7 Corvette Z06

Key Specs & Features

100% carbon fiber construction

Machined mass air flow mounting bracket

Free-flowing high-performance filtration


2014-19 Corvette C7, Z51, Grandsport

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