final 2020 Corvette convertible

The Final 2020 Corvette Will be a Sebring Orange Convertible

VIN #19456

The Last of the First Year of 2020

It has been announced. The final 2020 Corvette to roll of the assembly line in Bowling Green will be a Seabring Orange Convertible. The car wears VIN #19456.

It will go to Van Bortel Chevrolet in upstate New York and the car will be delivered to a customer rather than Chevrolet keeping it for a museum or something like that.

While the final 2020 Corvette is a big deal, the folks at the assembly plant told Corvette Blogger that there is just no time to schedule anything special for the final car.

If you remember, the final C7 Corvette was a Black Z51 Coupe and it brought $2.7 million for charity at a Barrett Jackson auction. That however marked the end of an era for the front-engined Corvette. Whereas this is just the end of the first year of production for a new generation and a new era for the Corvette.

It’s honestly kind of refreshing to see Chevrolet just let this car go out to a deserving customer who has paid for it. Congrats to the car’s new owner, and we hope he or she enjoys the car as it deserves to be enjoyed.