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1963 Corvette Grand Sport

Special Edition Corvettes & The Best of the Best 

At we’ve compiled the ultimate collection of special edition Corvette models as well as our picks for the best Corvettes ever made. 

Prototypes & Special Corvette Models

At we do a lot of in depth research. We generally organize things by generation and by model year. We realized that some of the special and unique Corvettes that don't easily fit within this convention were being lost on the site, so we decided to create this page as a showcase area. With over 75 special edition Corvettes out there it will take us some time to get to all of them so come back and visit. We also created a section lower on the page that highlights some of our favorite Corvettes of all time. We get asked a lot which Corvettes hold their value best, which ones are the collectors models and which ones are just the best of the best. 

C1 Corvette Picture

Special Edition Corvettes

Deep dive guides on special models, limited editions and rare Corvettes

The Coolest, Rarest & Most Special 'Vettes

In the humble beginning was the C1 Corvette. Since then there has been many Corvettes we all know about and many more than most people have no idea about. The fallen, the never made it and the ones that very few people will ever enjoy, these are the special edition Corvettes. 

1966 Corvette

The Best Corvettes

We research, we argue and then we choose. Our picks for the best Corvettes. 

The Greatest Corvettes

We look at the best Corvettes based on a lot of factors. Not everybody can afford the limited edition that fetches six (or seven) figures. These are our opinions and we are happy to have you join the chorus of fun arguments that these lists inevitably create.