A Camouflaged But Uncloaked C8 Corvette Was Spotted Testing In Michigan

2020 mid-engine corvette
Image from Motor1

It’s Shaping Up to be a Beautiful Machine

The C8 Corvette sightings keep getting better, yesterday we showed you a three-minute long video of the new mid-engine Corvette testing outside of San Diego California. Now there’s been another sighting in Michigan not far from GM’s Milford Proving Grounds.

Motor1 was able to nab several shots of the car testing. It still has on its camouflaged wrap, but the car doesn’t have the cloaking that most of the spottings of the vehicle have shown. This offers some new views of the front end and provides some unique insight into how the production model will actually look when it does finally debut.

According to Motor1, the headlights of the car features a multi-matrix LED setup with running lights atop the main headlamp and a triangular turn signal. Around back, the car shows a unique bat-wing-like rear spoiler. While details about the rear spoiler are still unknown, it’s possible that it features some active aero technology. This is likely a different trim level of the mid-engine Corvette. Perhaps a high-performance variant?

That’s the most we can glean from this new round of photos. We encourage you to take some time browsing through them. Maybe you’ll spot something we didn’t notice. If you do, leave a comment below. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for any further C8 Corvette developments.


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